Module:Nomad Gods

From Vassal
Publisher Chaosium Era Fantasy
Year 1977 Topic Mythology
Players 2 to 5 Scale Operational
Length 60 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
NomadGods03.vmod module 24.56 MB 2012-09-15 3.1.16

Module Information

Maintainer Scott
Contributors Scott


This is a module for the Gloranthan boardgame Nomad Gods, published in 1977 by Chaosium. The module creator would like to thank Greg Stafford for his kind permission to distribute this module.

For more information on this game, check out its BoardGameGeek page and Mr. Stafford's background notes.

[Note: Greg's website seems to have been taken down; link to an archived copy of his boardgame page:]

Please note that Nomad Gods is a copyright of Issaries Inc., and is used with the permission of Issaries Inc. and Moon Design Publications.


  • 0.3 - Map has been prettied up by removing fold lines (thanks to Steve W. for this).
  • 0.2 - Removed spaces in image file names that caused issues on some platforms.

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