Module:Norman Conquests: Conflicts of the Normans and their successors 1053 - 1265

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Medieval
Year 2023 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 120-240 min Series Men of Iron Series

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Norman Conquests - Tinchbrai v1.0.vmod Module 3.7 MB 2023-11-22 3.6.7+ revnye


The Normans, and their successors, had a large impact on history. Normans, from Nortmann (northman), were originally Viking raiders that settled in what would now be northern France. Normans gained territory as far away as southern Italy and Sicily, and modern day Syria. They were Crusaders, they were Kings, they were princes, and they were scoundrels. They began as raiders from the north that fought on foot and transformed themselves into Dukes, Kings, and princes that fought from horseback.

How many games include a battle with a Papal army? Very few, so Norman Conquests visits Italy and the Norman Count of Apulia fighting with, and capturing, the Pope. Stretching the definition to include the Norwegian King Harald (III) Hardrada (undoubtedly a northman) and his invasion of England allows us to include all three battles for the throne of England in 1066, including the most famous Norman William the Conqueror and his invasion of England. Next we catch up with two sons of William I, the Duke of Normandy and the King of England, feuding over his lands years after his death. We end with the Baron’s War between William I’s great-great-great-grandson Henry III and his barons who were led by Simon de Montfort.

—description from the publisher

Change Log

Version 1.5

  • Vassal 3.7.5+ compatibility
  • merged separate modules in a single one (with all units and scenarios)
  • removed unused images
  • reduced PNG file size
  • updated / refreshed toolbar icons
  • added symbolic dice button
  • reworked markers / counters pool display
  • added mouse over stack viewer (zoom) to display unit name
  • slightly modified prototypes for markers / counters

Version 1.1

  • 1.1 Hastings setup updated

Version 1.0

  • 1.0 Initial Release



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