Module:Normandy, The Beginning of the End

From Vassal
Publisher Draco Ideas Era WWII
Year 2018 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 1 to 2 hours Series War Storm Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
WSS-NBE-3.1.vmod module 58.05 MB 2022-02-15 3.5.8+ Dave Bennett BGG Group
WSS-NBE-3.02.vmod module 57.02 MB 2021-09-16 3.5.8 Dave Bennett Terry Simo
WSS-NBE-3.01.vmod module 59.93 MB 2021-05-08 3.5.5 Dave Bennett Terry Simo
Older Versions
WSS_Normandy-1.0.3.vmod module 53.72 MB 2018-11-14 3.2.17 Bart de Groot
WSS_Normandy-1.0.2.vmod module 53.47 MB 2018-11-01 3.2.17 Bart de Groot
Scenario 1 Demo
WSS_Normandy-0.18.vmod module 16.39 MB 2018-05-09 3.2.17 Bart de Groot
WSS_Normandy-0.17.vmod module 16.39 MB 2018-05-08 3.2.17 Bart de Groot


Version 3.01 Notes:

- This module contains all standard components of the WSS: Normandy, The Beginning of the End game.

- The module has overview Help Page located in the Charts Window.

- This module will not be compatible with earlier version saved games.

- No Scenario Setups are included at this time. (Future Update)

- No KS components at this time but a future update with KS components is being looked at.

Previous Version Notes:

This module contains all standard components of the WSS: Normandy, The Beginning of the End game (no Kickstarter components). All non-mini-campaign scenarios are included as setups in the game, with setup instructions.

You will need your own copy of the Standard and Special rules.

Version 1.0.3 adds the American and German Penetration Charts.

About Scenario 1 Demo (Version 0.17-0.18)

This is a preliminary demo version of the module, that will allow you to explore the mechanisms and the sequence of a WSS game.

This module contains scenario 1 "Patrolling the Front", in which American companies are scouting their way to Carentan when, all of a sudden, they bump into German Airborne units that are trying to set-up well-positioned defense zones.

Requires a download of the Standard Rules excerpt.

Version 0.18 adds a "Hide Pieces" button to view terrain underneath counters.

About the Game

Normandy, the Beginning of the End, part of the War Storm Series, by Draco Ideas.

At least one of the players playing this module should own a physical copy of the game.

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