Module:North Africa:Afrika Korps vs Desert Rats, 1940-42

From Vassal
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Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2021 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 2+ Series Standard Combat Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
SCS-NA-ver1-21.vmod module 24.1 MB 2022-09-02 VASSAL 3.6
SCS-NA-ver1-20.vmod module 24.1 MB 2022-02-28 VASSAL 3.6
SCS-NA-ver1-01.vmod module 23.95 MB 2021-01-14 VASSAL 3.5.8
SCS-NA-ver1-00.vmod module 23.97 MB 2021-11-29 VASSAL 3.5.8

Module Information

Maintainer =Jim Pyle


Version 1.21

Just fixed a few Axis units that wouldn't conceal

Version 1.20

Be sure to read the help notes under the "HELP" button

1. Added capability to conceal (Hide) units to prevent inadvertently seeing all the units in an enemy stack when mousing over a stack.

2. Add "Supply Dump" counters to conceal how many supply units actually in a stack.

Version 1.01

1. Fixed Entry Point/Supply Point for Benghazi

2. Improved Activation Type chart

3. Fixed non-rotating counters

4. Added “Moved” to supply units

5. Updated first 6 scenario setups

6. Fixed Test Label too far from unit image

Version 1.00 Initial Release

Screen Shots


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