Module:North Africa '41

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Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2023 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
NorthAfrica41 v103.vmod Module 44.29 MB 2024-05-02 3.7.10
NorthAfrica41 v102.vmod Module 44.32 MB 2023-12-28 3.7.6
NorthAfrica41 v101.vmod Module 44.31 MB 2023-12-16 3.7.6
NorthAfrica41 v100.vmod Module 44.29 MB 2023-12-11 3.7.5

Module Information

Maintainer Nigel Rabbetts
Contributors Mark Simonitch, Myk Deans


North Africa '41 is a brigade/regiment/battalion-level game on the campaign in North Africa from Rommel's first offensive in March 1941 to December 1941. The game uses the simple Move-Fight-Supply game system developed in Normandy '44 and Holland '44. Important elements, such as supply, troop quality, tank quality, artillery support, and command and control, are all reflected in the game. Design by Mark Simonitch.

Note for players: Unit-specific remnants are accessed via a second step loss to the unit rather than through the generic REM procedure.

v1.01: Minor corrections.

v1.02: Further minor corrections.

v1.03 Capability added to split SP markers.