From Vassal
Publisher Steve Jackson Games Era Future
Year 1977 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 3 Scale Tactical
Length Short Series Ogre/GEV Family

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Module I
OGRE.vmod Module 6.24 MB unknown unknown zass Manual 5 KB unknown unknown zass
Module III
OGRE-GEV_Deluxe_v1-2.vmod Module 68.69 MB 2014-12-17 3.2 seagles
OGRE-GEV_Deluxe_v1-1.vmod Module 68.2 MB 2014-09-09 3.2 seagles
OGRE-GEV_Deluxe.vmod Module 68.2 MB 2014-06-07 3.2 seagles
OGRE-GEV Deluxe Manual 11 KB 2014-06-07 3.2 seagles
OGRE Rules 2nd Edition
ogreRules2ndEdition.pdf Manual 579 KB 2021-07-21 n/a minsa


Steve Jackson's classic game of future tank warfare. There are three modules available:

-Ogre Module I allows players to play any scenario from Ogre, GEV, Shockwave, Reinforcement Pack, or Battlefields.

-Ogre Module II is no longer supported.

-Ogre Module III provides improved graphics and gameplay, as well as digital recreations of maps G1-G3 and S1-S3 for colour uniformity and proper hexgrid alignment. Four complete factions are included in unique colour schemes: Combine, Paneuropean, Black Rose Mercenary, and Nihon NA Division. A large number of Overlays are available to customize existing maps or build a GEV-style map from the ground up. Be sure to read the companion help file for an overview of the module's features. The same information can be accessed through the module's Help menu / Quick Start.

Version 1.1 contains miscellaneous minor bug fixes and counter corrections.

Version 1.2 adds counters representing the Vatican Guard, Sons of Old Nassau, and the Anarchist Relief Front for use with the Barbarians at the Gate expansion; recovery from Disabled by fire or ramming is now fully automated when using the Turn Tracker; an option to "highlight" a target unit in a stack has been added; a new window for tracking VP's and eliminated units has been added; the chat window now reports the actual die number rolled in addition to the symbolic value when using the symbolic odds dice

Read the Ogre-GEV Deluxe Notes in the module Help menu for more info!

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