From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2012 Topic European Theater
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Varies Series Panzer game system


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Base Game
Panzer_1-6-8.vmod Module for Panzer 11.19 MB 2019-02-08 3.2.17
PanzerExp1_1-3-1.vmdx Extension for Expansion #1 12.71 MB 2014-07-30 3.2.17
PanzerExp2_1-2-2.vmdx Extension for Expansion #2 8.98 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.17
PanzerExp3_1-1.vmdx Extension for Expansion #3 16.75 MB 2017-04-30 3.2.17
PanzerExp4_1-2.vmdx Extension for Expansion #4 16.6 MB 2019-12-11 3.2.17
Oversize Map Files
PanzerLMapsBaseGame.vmdx Extension for Base Game 2.32 MB 2019-01-27 3.2.17
PanzerLMapsExp1.vmdx Extension for Expansion #1 7.64 MB 2019-01-27 3.2.17
PanzerLMapsExp2.vmdx Extension for Expansion #2 5.08 MB 2019-01-27 3.2.17
PanzerLMapsExp3.vmdx Extension for Expansion #3 11.15 MB 2019-01-27 3.2.17
PanzerLMapsExp4_1-1.vmdx Extension for Expansion #4 17.53 MB 2019-02-08 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Rob Doane


The oversize map files contain all maps in the series blown up to 200% size. They are intended for those who prefer more room in the hexes to spread out their pieces. Add these files to your module just like any other extension, then choose the oversize maps when setting up your scenario (they will appear at the bottom of the menu).


  • Fixed error with damage marker
  • Added new Game Card A and B


  • Fixed error with hasty entrenchments marker
  • Added bevel to all game pieces to aid visibility when placed on the map


  • Added more markers for Expansion #3


  • Control markers cycle through sides correctly
  • Added American and British game markers for Expansion #3
  • Standard vehicle counters now have option to place damage markers through the right-click menu
  • Added 21 terrain tiles that can overlay map graphics to create custom terrain for DYO scenarios


  • Set illumination markers to have ON and OFF sides
  • Incorporated errata for S-8B data card
  • Fixed incorrect image on T26S-M37 counter
  • Fixed leg unit counters that could not be flipped back and forth from half squad to full squad


  • Added eliminate option to gun counters
  • Added missing German limber counters
  • Improved Position counters can now rotate
  • Created counter for illumination rounds
  • Half squads can flip back to full squad side
  • Added button to reveal all unused commands on the board
  • Updated Churchill III data card


  • Added missing German Limber data card and Mobelwagen counter
  • Added speed and altitude markers to alternate aircraft pieces
  • Added flame graphic to OT-34
  • Made summary card windows larger
  • Fixed problem with command markers displaying underneath some pieces
  • Fixed problem with German squad counters showing incorrect graphic when reduced to half squad
  • Incorporated errata into game cards and data cards


  • Enabled rotation for mapboards
  • Set alternate pieces to non-stacking and ignore map grid
  • Set standard pieces to stacking, snap to grid
  • Added border around maps to use when units enter from off board
  • Hex numbers now display at any zoom level when hovered over with mouse

Screen Shots


  • Rob Doane
  • Rick Galli
  • Jeff Coyle
  • MillertimeRC
  • ChandlerB
  • Gustav6
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • SgtStinky
  • Greg Amos