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Publisher unknown Era unknown
Year unknown Topic Abstract Strategy
Players 2 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length 30 mins

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Players are master pizza makers looking for the finest ingredients in a market. Each player is given several shopping lists of ingredients to collect. Unfortunately with a limited number of ingredients in the market, getting the ingredients you need may not be easy, especially if another player got there first. Pizza World is a game about completing as many personal and shared shopping lists as possible and remembering where you last saw an ingredient - although they might not be where you thought. Make friends, or not, as you compete for the ingredients you need.

Unique/Game features - Set collection - shopping lists - Memory of where tiles are - they are turned face down when a shopping list is claimed

Please e-mail me for information and/or times you might want to try it out with me.

andrewjhaigh (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I'm trying to balance test this game, rules and cards. I would appreciate the help! :)

This just a demonstration of an unpublished game. The rules can be emailed, but will be included in later versions.

This Vassal version of the game will support 2 players but the finished game supports up to 6. This is also not all of the cards in the Core set.

Version History:


0.1: Original release

Future Release Features (in no specific order):

1. Rules

2. More players

3. New vassal specific "how to play" document

4. More cards

5. Art? (I need artists! Contact me if interested)

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