Module:Power Grid

From Vassal
Publisher 2F-Spiele Era Modern
Year 2007 Topic Economic
Players 2 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 120


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Power_Grid_v1.58.vmod module 56.75 MB 2021-08-14 3.5.8
Power_Grid_v1.57.vmod module 56.78 MB 2021-06-30 3.5.7
Power_Grid_v1.55.vmod module 56.75 MB 2021-06-13 3.5.7
PG_PnP_Pack_1_v1.55.vmdx extension 17 MB 2021-06-13 3.5.7
Power_Grid_v1.54.vmod module 56.75 MB 2021-05-30 3.5.5
Power_Grid_v1.52.vmod module 56.75 MB 2021-05-25 3.5.5
Power_Grid_v1.51.vmod module 56.75 MB 2021-05-22 3.5.5
PG_PnP_Pack_1_v1.51.vmdx extension 17 MB 2021-05-22 3.5.5
Power_Grid_v1.42.vmod module 56.73 MB 2021-05-04 3.5.5
Power_Grid_v1.31.vmod module 56.58 MB 2021-04-03 3.5.4
Power_Grid_v1.3.vmod module 56.56 MB 2020-12-26 3.4.11
PG_PnP_Pack_1_v1.3.vmdx extension 16.99 MB 2021-02-12 3.4.12
Power_Grid_v1.2.vmod module 55.1 MB 2020-09-12 3.4.11
Power_Grid_v1.1.vmod module 54.93 MB 2020-09-12 3.4.8
PG_PnP_Pack_1_v1.0.vmdx extension 16.74 MB 2020-09-12 3.4.8
Power Grid v0.9.vmod module 59.72 MB 2020-09-12 3.4.1
PG PnP Pack 1 v0.9.vmdx extension 16.91 MB 2020-09-12 3.4.1
Power Grid.vmod module 13.19 MB 2020-09-06 3.3
PG PnP Pack 1.vmdx extension 16.61 MB 2020-09-08 3.3

Module Information

Maintainer R. Prasad


  • Use the most current version of the main module and extension.
- Save the Power_Grid_v1.55.vmod file wherever you keep your Vassal modules (e.g., a folder called Vassal Modules).
- Also create a folder IN the Vassal Modules folder, with the same name + "_ext" (e.g., name the folder "Power_Grid_v1.55_ext").
- Place all _.vmdx files in that _ext folder. Currently there's just one extension, PG_PnP_Pack_1_v1.55.vmdx, which includes several print-and-play expansions found at .
- Watch an overview of how to use the module here:
- There's also a Help File in the module with instructions on how to use the module.
- From 1.55 onwards: before clicking SETUP, delete unused player color houses from Turn Order track -- initial turn order will be randomized during setup. In later game turns, click the Set Turn Order button to automatically update turn order.
  • v1.54 Bug fix: resupply rate 0 fixed; and increased money supply in the bank.
  • v1.52 Bug fix: uranium resupply fixed.
  • v1.51
- Recharged Setup buttons available for ALL maps (including print-and-plays, with my interpretation of how they would translate to Recharged).
- Recharged Setup buttons delete 1st edition Setup button.
- Step 2 and Game End barriers placed automatically during setup.
- Fuel resupply levels for all maps now automatically update as the game Steps change.
- Bug fix: corrected Middle East Step 2 transition (remove worst plant x TWO).
- Bug fix: help file with links to rule files now works.
- Bug fix: city counter now updates only when player's house is moved (e.g., to next phase of Turn) _only in the Game Map window_.
  • v1.42 Features added:
- game setup scripting for each published map (recharged rules).
- game setup scripting using generic 1st edition .
- scripting for Step transitions.
- tracking for each player's cities built and best power plant.
  • v1.31 Bug fixes:
- Powering 14 cities corrected to pay 129 (not 128). NOTE: this bug will NOT be fixed in the pre-defined game setups; when creating a game, you will need to create your own setup (choose the map, set up the starting markets, etc.).
- Brazil setup uranium in market corrected
  • v1.3 Adds scripting to:
- draw new power plant and sort the market during Auction
- update power plant market (bury highest cost, draw replacement) during Bureaucracy
- update resource market (use Turn Tracker to set current Step) during Bureaucracy
  • v1.2
- Adds house markers to help color-blind players
- Adds buttons to indicate status during the power plant auction (Bidding, Passed, or Out)
- Displays more logging of player actions in the chat window
- Fixes bug in Green player hand (powering 3 cities was not paying correctly
  • v1.1
- now with current graphics for most (all but Quebec/B-W) Power Grid maps and fuel
- reworked interface: now multiple windows (map, power plants, and player hands) to allow variable zoom as needed
  • v0.9 Adds:
- buttons to pull fuel to market
- shopping cart (sums cost of fuel purchases)
- minor graphic updates
  • v0.6 Initial release.

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