Module:Prelude to Revolution: Russia's Descent into Anarchy 1905 - 1917

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Publisher Compass Games Era WWI
Year 2022 Topic Russian Civil War
Players 1 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length 120 - 240 min


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Prelude to Revolution V1.vmod Module 37.95 MB 2023-08-16 3.6.19
Prelude to Revolution V1.01.vmod Module 37.97 MB 2023-08-16 3.6.19

Module Information

Maintainer Kevin Conway [Jardic]
Contributors Ed Pundyk


Prelude to Revolution lets the players experience the drama and chaos of the years leading up to the Russian Revolutions in February and October 1917. This 2-player CDG allows players to take the role of Revolutionary or Government and attempt to address the urgent and competing social, political and military issues of the time. Play proceeds through historical eras: The Years of Turmoil (1905-1913), The Great War (1914-1916), and The Collapse (1917). This game builds upon and expands the outstanding system introduced in Prelude to Rebellion (Compass Games 2018), adding a multi-party Duma (parliament), Key Personalities, the influence of the Tsar, and more.

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