Module:Queens' Gambit: The War in Italy, 1742-1748

From Vassal
Publisher Red Sash Games Era 18th Century
Year 2006 Topic War of Austrian Succession
Players 1 to 4 Scale Operational
Length 1000 min Series Lace Wars


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Queens' Gambitv1.88.vmod Module 73.91 MB 2012-01-29 unknown
Queens' Gambitv1.85.vmod Module 73.9 MB 2011-11-13 unknown
Queens' Gambitv16a.vmod Module 73.67 MB 2011-09-03 unknown
Queens' Gambitv1.6.vmod Module 69.74 MB 2011-08-09 unknown
Queens'Gambitv1.5.vmod Module 61.8 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Miguel Angel Sanchez
Contributors Miguel Angel Sanchez


Version 1.88

A few improvements over Version 1.85. Strengh Force Values shown optionaly on the units and Blockade markers can be drawn directly on board via a Leader option.

Version 1.85

New improvements. New Habsburg HQs display with some Italian Minors available to the Habsburg side and fixed matching HQs counters. Not compatible with saved games from previous versions.

Version 1.6 with some fixes.

Same file as below but with one major issue fixed; the hidden "numbers" gave an incorrect display of stacks to the Habsburg player. Now the fix makes numbers pieces hidden to each player; if you want to see the hidden counters of your allied, you'll have to share passwords.

Available for download here

Version 1.6

Missing bottom of the map fixed (now the map is full sized, to the city of Naples).

Also available for download here

Version 1.5

New outlays incorporated to units. Changed stacking configuration. Some units fixed (some backs were missing or misplaced). Some other fixes. Name changed so no longer opens same room on Vassal server as old versions, but saves are still compatible, though I recommend changing the old units. The General setup Sav is still under the old version.

Also available for download here

Version 1.1

New fixes over Beta2. HQs now finaly work properly. Numbers markers work too and are reduced to one counter type, called "number" in markers panel.

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  • Miguel Angel Sanchez