From Vassal
Publisher West End Games Era WWII
Year 1986 Topic Air Combat
Players 1 to 1 Scale Operational
Length Medium


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RAF.vmod Module 7.42 MB unknown unknown Package 7.38 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

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RAF v1.00*

Last Update: 15 Oct 2007

(* All my initial releases start at v0.95 as an ode to Murphy's Law)

Version 1.00

1. Hotkeys for toolbar menu items added.

2. Tables removed per request.

Version 0.99

1. Fixed broken "un-patrol" toolbar command.

2. Fixed III/JG27 (Bf 109's) fatigue graphic.

3. Fixed broken Patrol landings/flipping.

4. Added Patrol RTB's.

5. Added slight graphic improvments to fronts of counters.

6. Added Squadron/Geschwader Logs to units.

7. Beefed up the built-in help a bit.

- Thanks to Jeff George for constructive inputs and bug-hunting!

Version 0.98

1. Added unit/counter goto menus.

2. Automated several functions (ie. Relief).

Version 0.97

1. Upgraded die display.

Version 0.96

1. Added a place to store & lock cards not needed for a scenario.

Version 0.95

Initial Release.

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