Module:Race! Formula 90

From Vassal
Race formula90 front.jpg
Publisher Gotha Games Era modern
Year 2013 Topic Sports
Players 2 to 6 Scale Mixed
Length 90-270


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
2ed 0.1
RF90_2ed_v0_1.vmod module 34.22 MB 2023-10-22 3.7.4 Stan Hilinski rattle
Benetton 1.0
Race!90 BENETTON.vmod module 23.1 MB 2020-09-09 3.2.17
race_formula90_v6_1.vmod module 20.65 MB 2020-05-01 3.2.17
race_formula90_v6.vmod module 63.57 MB 2016-09-29 3.2.17
race_formula90_v5.vmod module 16.7 MB 2016-09-29 3.2.16
race_formula90_v4.vmod module 13.5 MB 2015-02-12 3.2.15
RaceFormula90V4demo.vlog vlog 26 KB 2015-02-12 3.2.15
race_formula90_v3.vmod module 8.84 MB 2014-09-04 3.2.13
Racef90_demo1.vlog vlog 30 KB 2014-09-04 3.2.13

Module Information

Maintainer Stan Hilinski
Contributors Ralph Graham, rattle


What's different in version 2ed 0.1 from v6.1:

  • All tracks updated to 2ed version
  • New tracks added: Suzuka, Magny-Cours (images only, no meta)
  • All skill graphics updated to 2ed.
  • New 2ed skills added: Flat Out, Sixth Sense
  • New 2ed strategies added: Recovery, Steady
  • New 2ed tire types added (+ white chits)

What's different in the Benetton version 1.0: These are all tracks posted by Hilinski on BoardGameGeek that are ready for use with his Benetton play system.

What's different in version 6.1 from v6: Changes were made with the graphics to reduce the file size.

What's different in version 6 from v5: Version 6 adds the tracks Paul Ricard, Hockenheim, Interlagos, and adds pieces for the Benetton solo play career mode rules posted on BoardGameGeek by Hilinski.

What's different in version 5 from v4: Version 5 adds Barcelona and Silverstone plus enhancements.

What's different in version 4 from v3: Version includes the original circuits for Monza and Hungaroring and expansion 1 circuits for Spa Francorchamps and Monaco. In addition, I have completely overhauled the module. The v4 demo will give you a quick tour of how it all works! You can choose any side when you run the demo.

Screen Shots


  • Stan Hilinski
  • Ralph Graham