Module:Race for Bastogne

From Vassal
Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era WWII
Year 2022 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 4+ Hours Series Grand Tactical Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
GTS-Race to Bastogne ver 1.10.vmod module 118.57 MB 2023-01-08 See NOTE below
GTS-Race to Bastogne ver 1.07.vmod module 124.62 MB 2022-10-21 Version 1.01
GTS-Race to Bastogne ver 1.06.vmod module 127.06 MB 2022-10-11 Version 1.01
GTS-Race to Bastogne ver 1.03.vmod module 126.91 MB 2022-09-02 Version 1.01
GTS-Race to Bastogne ver 1.02.vmod module 126.91 MB 2022-08-15 Version 1.01
GTS-Race to Bastogne ver 1.01.vmod module 126.77 MB 2022-07-30 Version 1.00
GTS-Race to Bastogne ver 1.00.vmod module 126.7 MB 2022-07-29 Initial Version

Module Information

Maintainer Jim Pyle, John Rainey
Contributors John Rainey, Jim Pyle


ver 1.10

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: Due to adding a border around the map any vlog or vsav files loaded from previous versions will have all the counters shifted. They will be shifted by the same amount so if you band-select, i.e. click and drag to select all the counters, and then click and drag one of the stacks to its correct hex, all will be shifted to their correct hexes. If you have trouble doing this or don't feel comfortable doing it email me a vsav of your game and I'll do it for you.


1. Fixed a couple 2 Pz Div counters not highlighting

2. Added border to map so easy to place units on edge hexes

3. Several Scenario setup fixes thanks to multiple players' input

4. Widened spacing between “expanded” stack units

5. Corrected number of rearguard units allowed in scenarios

6. Corrected range of several units

7. Corrected range of some of the leaders

8. Fixed Rearguard menu (duplicates)

9. Added some missing slope hexside markers on map

ver 1.07

1. Added hexside highlights to easily identify Slope hexsided

2. Fixed Leader Command Ranges

 NOTE:  The Tools/Refresh/Run will not update the leaders.  You'll need to pull a new one out of the pieces window.

ver 1.06

1. Fixed problem with not being able to select all sides for Scenario 7

2. Fixed reporting message when purchasing Axis Activation Chits

3. Changed "Clone" hot key on deletable markers from Ctrl-C to Ctrl-Shift-C so don't accidentally clone them when trying to put unit in column

ver 1.04

1. Fixed some campaign game reinforcements

2. Fixed some units highlighting with wrong formation

3. Fixed image for Pz Lehr Arty Park D

ver 1.03

1. Fixed Scen 7 setup:

    1. Added 2 Pz Arty Park A, 
    2. Added notes to Reinfs for CP/DP changes
    3. Corrected VIII Corps starting CP Rating

2. Fixed Allied AT Rearguard adding a “Rubble” when returning to formation card 3. Add “Night” to weather tool bar

ver 1.02

Fixed setup and reinforcements errors for Scenario 7

ver 1.01

1. Fixed Scenario 7 setup to allow selection of German side

2. Added “Weather” button to tool bar menu (See HELP button about using this)

ver 1.00

1. Initial Release

2. NOTE: Several of the previous GTS module automation features are not available in this module


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