Module:Race to the Sea 1914

From Vassal
Publisher Tiny Battle Publishing Era WWI
Year 2017 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Race_to_the_Sea_1914_v100.vmod Module 8.39 MB 2021-02-26 3.2.17
Race_to_the_Sea_1914_v112.vmod Module 8.12 MB 2021-03-02 3.4.2

Module Information

Maintainer D Lopez
Contributors D Lopez


BoardGameGeek link

Module version 1.00 downloaded with Yaah8 magazine free from Wargame Vault.

Updated module version 1.12


Separate Tabs for German and Allied Player Aids.
Corrected British cavalry counter (was spelled Cavarly).
Corrected Discard menu spelling (was Disard).

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Corrected Allied cavalry getting a German Activation marker.
New Turn button now moves all the Initiative cards from the Discard Deck and the Player Hand board to the draw deck first.
Moved the discarded initiative cards in the Standard Setup to the Draw pile (discarded initiative card was always a French 3 and German 4 on first turn).
Fixes hidden hit marker colour (can now tell if light or heavy casualties).

Screen Shots