Module:Remagen Bridge

From Vassal
Publisher Project Analysis Era WWII
Year 1967 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Miniatures
Length Medium


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Module Information

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Remagen Bridge 1967

Game written by Henry H. Bodenstedt.

Originally printed in issues 1-4 of Strategy & Tactics Magazine.

Module Created by: Brian Mason

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Version History

Version    Date          Notes
1.0        9/27/08       Initial offering  
1.1        2/18/10       Added v1.1 of Rules
1.2        7/24/10       Added v1.2 of Rules

Known Problems: I originally omitted the page of the Rules that had the number of turns. The game should last 15 turns. I have not edited the module to reflect this though so the turn counter remains at 20.

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