Module:Renegade Legion: Prefect

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Publisher FASA Era Future
Year 1992 Topic Science Fiction
Players 1 to 6 Scale Operational
Length Long Series Renegade Legion


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Renegade Legion Prefect_1.0.vmod module 11.63 MB 2020-04-09 3.2.17
Renegade Legion Prefect_1.1.vmod module 11.94 MB 2020-04-13 3.2.17
Renegade Legion Prefect_2.0.vmod module 12.01 MB 2020-04-13 3.6.7

Module Information

Maintainer Rolando Mejia
Contributors Rolando Mejia


Renegade Legion Prefect is a board wargame simulating a planetary invasion at the operational level. Players plan and execute the space and ground actions of a campaign to seize the planet. Have the complete Space, planetary and campaign modes.

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  • Rolando Mejia
  • Peter Reuter