Module:Richthofen's War

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWI
Year 1972 Topic Air Combat
Players 1 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length Short

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
3.0; Wargame Academy
RTW-v30p05-wga.vmod Module 8.7 MB Oct-07-2015 vassal engine 3.1.23 WGA WGA
Rick3.vmod Module 9.79 MB February-10-2017 3.2.17 Oltimer Oltimer
Rick2.vmod Module 8.54 MB unknown unknown PRodgers PRodgers Module 3.47 MB unknown unknown PRodgers PRodgers


AH's classic game of WW1 aerial combat

Rick3 includes a more user friendly ASP however you'll need to use clone drag and drop if you have more than one of the same plane type in use. The map has been modified to align hexes better to the map image. ASP windows are visible to all sides. Hex numbering has been included to help in reporting (sorry, it differs from the actual map since vassal doesn't have diagonal hex numbering available). Balloon AA MG and Dummy counters have been fixed so they no longer move. Balloons no longer require ASPs. Aircraft images from WGA have been captured and used to aid those with colorblindness (Thanks Bill). Scenario cards from original game have been included as well as some scenario set-ups.

151008: Combined features of two earlier versions with adition of standard capablities to support current campaign game into version 3.0. Ongoing enhancements to add in diagonal hex id system of the published game, and reduction of module size. Currently inherited use of individual graphics for each plane type, while cosmetically attractive to some, makes planes invisible to color blind people like me. Refer to Help/Version-History within module for detail of changes.

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