Module:Run, Fight, or Die!

From Vassal
Publisher Grey Fox Games Era Modern
Year 2014 Topic Zombies
Players 1 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length 40 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
RunFightorDie-V2-B.VMOD Player boards updated to make more functional 66.28 MB 2016-04-01 3.2
RunFightorDie-V2.VMOD Beta Release - mostly working 66.27 MB 2015-04-03 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Starfish


Created and posted with permission from 8th Summit.

This is a great Zombie game! As in most zombie games, you represent a unique character with your own character traits, except in Run, Fight, or Die! you will also have your own individual board with zombies you alone will encounter. Zombies move closer to you every round. You run from location to location, searching for weapons and survivors in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Survivors may bring new skills to help you in your desperate fight for survival, or in some cases, new challenges to overcome. In either case, every survivor provides you victory points. The game ends either when one player finds five survivors and declares the last round, or when a player reaches the town line (and the total Followers in play meets a minimum), or if a player gets bitten and turns. Be careful, some followers may turn against you, while others can slow you down. When it comes right down to it, the choice is simple: Run, Fight, or Die!

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