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Runewars module.png
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2010 Topic Unknown
Players 2 to 4 Scale Miniatures
Length 180 min Series The Realms of Terrinoth


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Runewars-1.0.vmod module 14.23 MB 2011-08-04 3.15
Runewars-1.0.vmod module 14.23 MB 2011-08-04 3.15

Module Information

Maintainer Scott Lewis


Please see the Runewars Module Help for details on how to make it work. I tried to make the interface as intuitive as possible, but please feel free to send me any comments if something just doesn't make sense (or isn't working right).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most of the cards do NOT have any text on them, only the heroes. Fantasy Flight Games typically doesn't allow the full card text lists to be published publically, and so I intentionally omitted them to help ensure that FFG is OK with this module. Those who have the game should be able to just look up the necessary cards as needed.

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