Module:S.P.Q.R. Deluxe

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Ancient
Year 2008 Topic The Roman Empire
Players 1 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length Long Series Great Battles of History Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
SPQR Deluxe v2.9.vmod Module 86.47 MB 26-08-2022 unknown unknown Desicat
2.9 Alternate
SPQR_Deluxe_v2.9alt.vmod Module 86.69 MB 15-09-2022 unknown unknown Desicat, vasqu1cr
spqr_2_5.vmod Module 15.81 MB unknown unknown unknown alfonso, freddel
1.0 Alternate
SPQR Deluxe v1_1.vmod Module 28.3 MB unknown unknown unknown alfonso, freddel
SPQR Deluxe v1.vmod Module 29.07 MB unknown unknown unknown alfonso, freddel
2.0 Alternate
SPQR Deluxe v2.3.vmod Module 56.84 MB 22-04-2020 unknown unknown Almogaver1969
SPQR Deluxe v2.4.vmod Module 80.71 MB 30-01-2021 unknown unknown Almogaver1969


  • GBoH Interactive Map Version 1.0 module available:
    • For an interactive map that shows the locations and information about every battle scenario in the Great Battles of History Series by GMT, Volumes I-XV, please visit the GBoH Interactive Map module page located at GBoH Interactive Map.
    • This is not a game module. It is instead an interactive map that for the first time ever (I believe) allows fans of the GBoH series to view all of the scenarios for the entire series on one map. This module has been placed here temporarily in hope that the VASSAL minders will create a new page just for this module. For now this seemed to be the most logical place for it to start.
    • To use the interactive map, simply start the module as if you were beginning a game. You may select any of the game boxes to see which scenarios belong to that game box or any of the associated versions, modules or C3I scenarios for that game box. To clear those battles, deselect the game boxes that you have chosen or you can always select clear all.
    • Additionally you may select any of the categories to see any of the battles that are associated by category that may exist across the various game boxes. I have attempted to have a little fun with this as you will see and there is room for expanded categories as I improve the module.
    • The Select All button, illustrates all of the GBoH scenarios and Clear All clears any or all battles that are illustrated.
    • This is module version 1.0 and is mostly complete but still has some omissions that will be improved in future updates. Also I am claiming that "All" GBoH modules are listed, however, that is probably not true due to the various number and location of GBoH modules that exist. I of course intend to add any missed or new modules as they become apparent to me.

  • Previous comments:

What about merging both modules into a new one including more battles? The Deluxe module looks better and has setups pre-defined, but it includes only 5 scenarios.

SPQR Deluxe v1.1 has added a pre-set battle and has added the ability to access a few maps that v1.0 did not.

v2.3 Changes & Additions:

  • This module is based on the v1.1 Deluxe and the v2.5 versions. I don´t know who designed both in order to include in the contributors, in any case thanks.
    • Added the maps of SPQR 2.5 vmod not included in the v1.1 version
    • Added the Barbarian extension Maps (Telamon & Sentinum)
    • Added War Elephant, Barbarian & a couple of C3i counters (until C3i #18)
    • Added the Scenario setups of all extensions (War Elephant, Consul for Rome, Africanus, Pyrrhic Victory, Barbarian) and C3i modules & individual scenarios (until C3i #18).
    • Added the Roman manipular version of Muthul River scenario (from Jughurta)

v2.4 Changes:

  • Ausculum, Ausculum (East) & Castulo Maps artwork improved, thanks to Mike McCarty (@McCarty13 on the BGG) for the work.

v2.9 Changes and additions:

  • This is an update to v2.4 that adds the following:
    • Combat Shock Charts, Leader Command Ranges, On-counter Missile Low/No and EL Screen Low/No, Movement Trails, Rampage underlay, Highlight Unit, Mini Map, Reduced counters, C3i Battles 20-26, and specific die roll information.
    • Many of these ideas were taken from Knut Grunitz Alex 8.3 Module.
    • Update 26 Aug 22, fixed problem with Depleted side rotation.
    • Alternate Version adds PBEM Markers

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