Module:Saipan: The Bloody Rock

From Vassal
Publisher Compass Games Era WWII
Year 2017 Topic Pacific Theater
Players 1 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length Variable Scenario Length Series Company Scale System


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Saipan_v103.Vmod Module 104.04 MB 2018-06-04 3.2.17
Saipan_v102.Vmod Module 103.88 MB 2018-06-04 3.2
Saipan_v101.Vmod Module 103.82 MB 2017-08-25 3.2
Saipan_v100.Vmod Module 103.82 MB 2017-07-21 3.2
Saipan_v092.Vmod Module 103.41 MB 2017-06-15 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Nigel Rabbetts
Contributors Ross Mortell, Adam Starkweather, Wig Graves


Saipan: The Bloody Rock is the first game to utilize the new Company Scale System (CSS) by Adam Starkweather.

v1.03 includes the following updates:

• Updated LVT unit values and added Hero Cpl Gabaldon per Tinian

• The "Highlight Active Units" button now works with the Direct Command Chits, activating all units of that side

• Added several additional information markers (Note, KT-X, and KY-O (The KT Markers are transparent X's and O's for those not familiar with them)

• Increased/Decreased DG markers are now at same location in stack (don't automatically go on top)

• Moved Naval & Air Support Chits to Turn Display for the Invasion Scenarios (reduce confusion for new players)

v1.02 incorporates minor corrections.

v1.01 includes the following updates:

• missing US Support Weapons in Scenario 5 reinforcements added

v1.00 includes the following updates:

• hotkeys added to the toolbar buttons

• additional highlighter added so that when an active unit is selected the highlight is yellow

• facility to highlight active units, leaders, etc. (turned on and off by buttons on toolbar)

• facility to show in command radii for selected unit (turned on from right click menu of unit and turned off by toolbar button).

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