Module:Samurai Blades Campaign

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Publisher unknown Era unknown
Year unknown Topic unknown
Players unknown Scale unknown
Length unknown


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
TablesExt-Fr.vmdx Help extension 2006/08/30 87 KB unknown unknown
Croisades.vmdx Cry Havoc Crusader campaign extension 2.7 MB unknown unknown
campagne (sam).zip couts d'achats samourais (excel) 8/2/2006 257 KB unknown unknown
JoarlochPions.vmdx Les pions de Joarloch 48 KB unknown unknown
SBrandommaps.vmod 24/10/2006 Tactical map generator 2.31 MB unknown unknown
Albigeois.vmdx Cry Havoc Albigeois campaign extension 1.73 MB unknown unknown
japon-expert.vmdx Sengoku campaign map for experts 762 KB unknown unknown
campagne.vmod Main module 26/4/2006 1.23 MB unknown unknown
SamHisto.vmdx Sengoku historical groups and markers 22/02/2006 318 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer unknown
Contributors Gorodoff

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And resolve tactical battle with Samurai Blades

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  • Gorodoff
  • LordJesse