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Samurai Knight Fever v0.95* (AKA: Chess)

Last Update: 09 May 2007

(* All my initial releases start at v0.95 as an ode to Murphy's Law)

Version 0.95

1. Initial Release

2. Please see the built-in help (but the most important part is the you should NOT use your mouse to move the pieces!!!)

3. Known Problem: Double Reporting of moves. Actually, it's only reporting one move at a time. It's just that each move causes a similarly reported move on your opponents board. (Vassal 2.9.9 will not let me use the standard reporting workarounds)

4. Known Problem: Using the "undo" toolbar button disables the anti-graphic overlap programming for each piece "undone." (Vassal 2.9.9 is not "un-doing" everything that was done)

5. Please note that all my initial releases are v0.95. This does not mean it's unfinished. In fact, I believe each one to be finished when released. But I still number them so, as a tribute to Murphy's Law.

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