Module:Santander '37

From Vassal
Publisher SNAFU Design Era Between Wars
Year 2021 Topic Spanish Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 240 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Santander_37_v2.3.vmod module 18.58 MB 2021-12-13

Module Information

Maintainer Oscar Oliver
Contributors Marc Figueras, Javier Romero


Santander '37 is a reimplementation of the wargame Corpo Truppe Volontarie: Santander 1937, published in 2018 in the Italian wargaming magazine Para Bellum. This reimplementation includes new graphical design and rules changes.

With a traditional hex & counter "I go-You go" mechanics, the Nationalist player must try to conquer all important victory point hexes without incurring many losses. In this new edition, some rules changes are: 1) Victory Points and Morale have been merged in a single item, which is the key to victory: reduce Republican Morale to zero or raise it over 5. 2) Disorganization of units is now a key factor. 3) Setup rules have been revised. 4) Use of assets and other resources has been modified.

More info on BGG game page: Santander '37.

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