Module:Semper Fi

From Vassal
Publisher The Gamers Era Modern Warfare
Year 1997 Topic Korean War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Long Series Tactical Combat Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
SF-Hagaruv1.1.vmod Hagaru v1.1 1.56 MB unknown unknown Main module file 515 KB unknown unknown
SF-Changchonv1.1.vmod Changchon v1.1 629 KB unknown unknown
SF-NNRv1.1.vmod No Name Ridge v1.1 703 KB unknown unknown Main module file 1.52 MB unknown unknown Main module file 614 KB unknown unknown Main module file 684 KB unknown unknown
SF-Foxhillv1.1.vmod Fox Hill v1.1 547 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer JanWels
Contributors cmmccallum, forester, JanWels


Semper Fi! - Changchon - No Name Ridge - Hagaru - Fox Hill

10 june 2006; Posted v1.0 of Fox Hill module. This version should work fine under Vassal 2.6.4. as opposed to the old one. With right-clicking a unit you enter a sub-menu containing most of the available unit actions.

V1.0 of the remaining modules will follow shortly.

11 june 2006; Added the other upgraded modules, Changchon, Hagaru and No Name Ridge. Enjoy! 16 june 2006; V1.1 posted. Fired and Dug-in markers are now 'real' markers instead of a layer.

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