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Publisher Public Domain Era Contemporary
Year [[Category:|ShengJi]] Topic Card Games
Players 4 to 8 Scale Abstract
Length 30+


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
ShengJi_v_0.6.vmod ShengJi For 4 - 8 Players by ZCK 88 KB 2020-05-18 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Chad Kong
Contributors N/A


Sheng Ji is a family of point-based, trick-taking card games similar to Bridge / Hearts and is very popular in China.

This module has been designed to allow players to play this game with 4 - 8 players. The module does not enforce game mechanics and players will need to be familiar with the game in order to use this module. Establishing a common set of "house rules" for the many variations of Sheng Ji prior to playing is also recommended.

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