Module:Sicily: The Race for Messina

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1981 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 240 min each Series Victory in the West Game System (SPI)


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Sicily_Race_for_Messina_Exclusive_RULES.pdf Sicily Race for Messina Exclusive Rules 17.63 MB 2021-03-06 n/a

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Three games all part of the Victory in the West Game System. The set of three games use both standard rules as well as exclusive rules for each wargame in the series. Victory in the West is a set of regiment/battalion level simulations of critical campaigns that occured on the western and mediterranean frontiers between 1943-45. Game 1 is Patton's 3rd Army: The Lorraine Campaign 8 Nov.-1 Dec. '44 simulates the U.S. Third Army's November 1944 offensive in the Lorraine area of France. Game 2 is Operation Grenade which simulates the U.S. Ninth Army's February 1945 offensive in the Rhineland area of Germany. Game 3 in the series is Sicily: The Race for Messina, 10 July - 17 August 1943. This game simulates the Allied invasion of Sicily in mid May, 1943.

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Sicily, The Race for Messina:

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