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Publisher Compass Games Era WWII
Year 2005 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Medium


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Module Information

Maintainer E, Reg
Contributors E, Reg


IJN Extension for Silent War

This Vassal extension module introduces the Silent War Expansion Pack 1 – IJN: Imperial Japanese Navy to the Silent War Vassal module. You must have purchased (or been given) a copy of the game in order to use this module. IJN is copyright, Compass Games LLP, 2010. All Rights Reserved. This module was made with the permission of Compass and the Game Designer.

This extension has been written using Silent War Vassal module V0.97 by -E but should work with other versions.

V1.1 - Changed IJN Window hotkeys to unmask Main Map zoom controls (F11/F12)

Silent War v0.96*

Last Update: 16 Sep 2006

(* All my initial releases start at v0.95 as an ode to Murphy's Law)

With Special Thanks to Jim Miller

Module is also available from

Version 0.96

1. Fixed Ship's Logs from closing status counters.

2. Menu commands are now extremely contextual! (see built-in help!!)
3. Fixed misplaced subs in the Campaign save-game (for sticklers who

are worried about which side of the ocean specific subs bases are on

  • grin*) Note: Jim Miller had nothing to do with verifying the campaign

game, as it was added after he was finished (and the wrong file to boot!). The error was entirely mine. Note: Campaign game fix includes correct Ship's Logs (w/ships & tonnage sunk per sub) that were supposed to be in the original release.

4. Fixed Wolf Pack counter's mouseover reporting. (How come none of you

found that one?! *knowing grin*)

5. Added Submarine Graveyard window (lest they not be forgotten) and a

menu command to send subs there (sunken subs with Super Skippers will stack a bit strange, just separate them as needed).

7. Added ability to drop Damage counters on/from Japanese War Cup


8. Changed Game Status Markers here & there.
9. Added ability to "shoot" (read: move)  counter between Sub Bases and

their associated map locations.

10. 1932 War Cups (only) - CV 10T is treated as a "named ship" (and thus can be "sunk").

11. 1932 War Cups (only) - All DD2T 7-x's have been removed from the mix. (it's still up to you to treat the 6-3 as "dilligent")

12. Updated built-in help (reading it is _highly_ recommended).

13. On the infamous RETURN TO PATROL MAP/Menu bug...

There _is_ a Vassal bug (or design choice?) that affects this module in two places and can be triggered two different ways...

The bug affects the Sub Tenders Display (excepting Surabaya now) and the Combat Display. The effect being a disabled and/or greyed out RETURN TO PATROL MAP menu command.

This can be triggered by either loading a saved game, or dragging a counter to either of those locations (and bypassing the menus)

Fortunately, this shouldn't have too overwhelming of an effect, because you have the "CURRENT AREA" markers to show where a sub came from before combat. And in the Sub Tenders display it says it right on the display so manually return the sub to whereever that sub tender is on the patrol map.

Note: New operation of dynamic menus should preclude an associated and intermittent missing menu items bug that affected some users.

14. This update _shouldn't_ "break" any saved games _per se'_. They should still be playable, but will NOT, REPEAT NOT, include hardly any of the fixes and additions listed above. Although some fixes/additions can be used by physically replacing ALL counters in play from the counter tray.

I HIGHLY recommend using screen captures and recreating your in-progress game in a "new" game, over Vassal's scenario updating method, if you're familiar with it.

15. Thanks to Jim Miller, Christopher Schall & Doug DeMoss for the feedback and catching a few major Faux Pas!

16. As of this writing, there is a report of a non-fatal error when first loading the module on a Mac. I cannot duplicate it on a PC, and by the report, all aspects of the module function correctly. This error could be unique to one system/version of Vassal or inherent to the module. It will be corrected if possible and needed, in a later version.

Version 0.95

Initial Release.

Screen Shots


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