Module:Sleeping Gods: Primeval Peril

From Vassal
Publisher Red Raven Games Era 1929
Year 2020 Topic Mystery
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 120min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Sleeping Gods - Primeval Peril.vmod module 40.03 MB 2021-04-06 3.5.4

Module Information

Maintainer Sanctum


This module is created from the Print and Play free information released by Red Raven Games, no ownership of the intellectual property is implied.
Original files can be downloaded form:

All the rules you need to play are in the Help menu in the module.

The module can be played either in Solo mode, or with two players, playing as Player 1 and Player 2 respectively.
All the counters needed are provided at the start of play on the ship board, some can be cloned as necessary and are an infinite supply,
others can not be cloned or deleted and are a fixed quantity defined in the game.
Crew and Fate cards can be moved to the Player Boards and Hands if desired.
The ship token starts on Map 1.
There are duplicates of all the tokens in the Pieces pop out panel, in case you run out of ones on the ship board.
You can track your game in the Captain's Journal, where each row or cell are interactive.

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