Module:Song of Blades and Heroes

From Vassal
Publisher Ganesha Games Era Fantasy
Year 2007 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 6 Scale Miniatures
Length 15 to 40 Minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
0.5 Beta
Song_Of_Blades_and_Heroes_V0.5.vmod Module 18.51 MB 2014-06-04
0.2 Beta
Song_Of_Blades_and_Heroes_V0.2.vmod Module 12.69 MB 2014-06-03
0.1 Beta
Song_Of_Blades_and_Heroes_V0.1.vmod Module 6.78 MB 2014-06-02

Module Information

Maintainer Chiefman
Contributors Chiefman


Miniatures Skirmish warfare

Version 0.5 Beta:

  • Add Recoil, Knock Down, Transfix, Dead Model Menus
  • Add dice roll feature
  • Add more terrain
  • Add more models
  • Add markers
  • Clean up module bug within Prototypes

Version 0.2 Beta:

  • Added ability new Models at various scales for play testing.
  • Added three new measuring sticks in tools for play testing
  • New Terrain
  • New Map Background at various scales for play testing.

Version 0.1 Beta:

  • Initial realease

About The Game

Song of Blades and Heroes is an exciting set of fast play fantasy rules that can be played with your existing miniatures.

  • Standard Six sided dice only;
  • EASY: simple rules that you learn in one game;
  • EASY MEASURING: no counting inches or centimeters: SBH uses three measuring sticks to measure all distances;
  • FAST: A game lasts 30-45 minutes. Play a mini campaign in a single evening;
  • CONVENIENT: a 3’x 3’ play area (for 28mm figures) is enough.
  • MULTI-SCALE: any single based miniature, in any scale;
  • CAMPAIGN RULES: your warband grows more powerful after every battle;

Song of Blades and Heroes site and rules

Online Warband Builder v1.3.1b1

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