From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Future
Year 2018 Topic Science Fiction
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
SpaceCorp Ventures 1.vmod Module 76.94 MB 2021-09-17 3.5.8
SpaceCorp v1.3.vmod Module 48.24 MB 2019-01-07 3.2.17
SpaceCorp v1.2.vmod Module 48.24 MB 2019-01-02 3.2.17
SpaceCorp v1.1.vmod Module 48.24 MB 2019-01-01 3.2.17
SpaceCorp v1.vmod Module 48.24 MB 2018-12-31 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Joel Toppen
Contributors Joel Toppen


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Module Instructions:

1. You will need to use VASSAL Engine version 3.2.17 or higher to use this module.

2. The map has been joined together into one long, horizontal display. Each Offers box has a Draw Card button in it. Pressing this card will draw a card from the deck belonging to the CURRENT ERA (see below).

3. Click on the Set Era button on the toolbar to set the Era of the game to the desired setting. This is VERY IMPORTANT as this setting will govern deck creation and "Draw Card" buttons.

4. Game cards are sorted into separate windows for each era. Inside each window are buttons necessary for that era's deck creation.

5. Next to the Notes button on the toolbar is set of buttons that will determine which color's turn it is. This too is VERY IMPORTANT. If you right-click on this button you can choose to eliminate colors from play (for playing < 4 players this will be useful). If you are playing Solo versus the Competition (i.e. the Solitaire game), you will not need to worry about this button at all. Just be sure that the button is set to the color YOU are playing as.

6. The Player HQs are large in size so as to accommodate Advancement and Breakthrough cards. Resize window as needed/desired.

7. Each Lagrange site and Exploration box on the map can be right-clicked upon. Choose Explore option to draw a random exploration tile to that location.

8. In the physical game, the player can have 2 stacks of some exploration tiles. In VASSAL if you wish to do this you may, BUT the automated tile drawing is set to draw only from the default (left) draw pile. It is the VASSAL module designer's opinion that it would be best just to use the automated tile drawing and NOT create multiple draw stacks.

9. Each Lagrange site and Exploration TILE also has a right-click function whereby the user may send bases from his/her HQ window. IMPORTANT: the module will draw the piece from the HQ of the current Turn setting's color (see #5 above). IMPORTANT: with the exception of Lagrange sites, there are currently no rules enforcement in this function. In other words, the module will not prevent you from placing ineligible bases on exploration tiles.

10. All discarded exploration tiles go to a discard stack next to the Competition box in the Starfarers map.

11. Cards can be drawn directly from the deck into players' hand windows using the draw card buttons in those windows. To acquire an Offers card, right-click and send it to the appropriate hand window using the right-click function, OR drag and drop manually.

12. Don't worry about separating Time cards. Time cards are pre-seeded in each card window for correct deck creation.

13. Right-click on cards in hand window to "Play" to the gray stripe grid that runs along the bottom edge of the map. Cards so played will line up next to each other so other players can clearly see what has been played before cards are discarded.

14. To discard all cards in the gray stripe area, press the Discard button on the toolbar.

15. During the Starfarers era, the module will take note of teams on star tracks. Press the Advance teams button on the toolbar to advance the CURRENT color's teams one space on whatever star tracks they are located. Again, see the importance of #5 (above).


1. All Solitaire cards are in the Solitaire window, accessible from the toolbar button. Deck creation here works the same as in the multi-player game: simply ensure the correct Era is set on the toolbar, then press the deck creation button in the Solitaire window.

2. Each Competition box in each map is pre-seeded with 12 teams (note that all competition pieces in this module are GRAY in color), and a random draw pile of bases.

3. Each Lagrange and exploration site has a right-click function whereby a competition team can be dispatched from the current era's Competition box.

4. Each Competition Team has a right-click function that will dispatch a random base from the current era's Competition box.

5. The Situation cards are located in the top-rightmost deck of the Solitaire window.


Known bugs with current version

Version 1:

Several bugs with deck creation buttons. 1-player buttons do not work correctly at all. Multi-player buttons omit 1 random at-start card during Planeteers and Starfarers eras.

Version 1.1:

Sorry for the buggy release. I misread the rules regarding deck creation. The buttons incorrectly remove 6 at-start cards from the game. This will be fixed in version 1.2. For now... Enjoy your advantage over the competition.

Version 1.2

Right-click to place base sometimes repositions bases.

Right-click to place competition base sometimes places base in the incorrect space.

Toolbar button to draw competition card sometimes draws card to the far-left (below Mariners map).

File versions

Version 1.1 fixes bugs with deck creation buttons.

Version 1.2 fixes the bug with Solitaire deck creation buttons.

© GMT Games 2018; John Butterfield Design

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