Module:Spirit island

From Vassal
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Publisher Greater Than Games LLC Era Fantasy
Year 2017 Topic Environmental
Players 1 to 6 Scale Abstract
Length 90-120


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Spirit_island_vassal_3_1_0.vmod module 191.72 MB 2021-03-20 3.5.3
Spirit_island_vassal_2_2_0.vmod module 143.69 MB 2021-01-16 3.4.11
Spirit_island_vassal_1_703.vmod module 121.97 MB 2019-02-10 3.2.17
Spirit_island_vassal_1_702.vmod module 120.35 MB 2019-01-24 3.2.17
Spirit_island_vassal_1_7.vmod module 120.35 MB 2018-03-12 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Denny Crane
Contributors Denny Crane, NewDorXan, Kyle Parsons


Made and shared with permission of Greater Than Games. See module notes for help.

3.1.0 :

   o)added Jagged Earth and Promo Pack 2 contents
   o)limited supply pieces cannot be deleted, only moved to bottom right of main board

2.2.0 :

   o)added fifth and sixth color pieces
   o)added fifth and sixth island and player boards
   o)added isolate tokens
   o)added badlands token
   o)added element tokens

1.7.03 (minor changes):

   o)added fourth color pieces
   o)shrunk splash screen a bit

1.7.02 (minor changes):

   o)blight returns to blight counter/blight card - not to pieces deck
   o)named power cards for easier setup (to draw specific cards for power progression setup)

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