Module:Squad Leader

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1977 Topic Global War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length varies according to scenario


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Module Files
VSQL-4.3.8.vmod VSQL Module version 4.3.8 7.57 MB 2024-04-06 Vassal 3.7+
VSQL-4.3.7.vmod VSQL Module version 4.3.7 7.57 MB 2023-08-31 Vassal 3.6+
Extension Files
VSQL4-CodGia_9_5.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 1 Information v9.5 10.99 MB 2024-04-06 3.2.15+
VSQL4-Coi-SS_2_2.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 2 Information v2.2 1.7 MB 2024-04-06 3.2.15+
VSQL4-Italians.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 3 Information v3.1 1.96 MB 2016-01-09 3.2.15+
VSQL4-Japanese.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 4 Information & Instructions v4.1e 6.72 MB 2016-01-09 3.2.15+
VSQL4-DYO.vmdx VSQL 4 Expansion Module 5 Information & Instructions v2.0 233 KB 2016-01-09 3.2.15+
Scenario Start Files Master Scenario Start Files (SSF) for VSQL 4 Information 5.67 MB 2012-03-01 3.2.13+
Boards, Version 5 SK with LOS installed (EXC: Desert boards #25-31) v5 SK Boards 01 - 10 3.86 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 11 - 20 Updated Board 11 3.35 MB 2016-01-26 unknown v5 SK Boards 21 - 30 2.42 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 31 - 40 3.8 MB 2015-01-31 unknown v5 SK Boards 41 - 50 3.34 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 51 - 60 3.19 MB 2013-04-08 unknown v5 SK Boards 61 - 66 1.86 MB 2013-04-08 unknown
Overlays Overlays Version 5 4.29 MB unknown
Customized and special boards boards with GIA Overlays 6.1 MB unknown
boards-Blood& Boards Blood and Sand 2.04 MB unknown Boards Custom-01_v5 2.55 MB unknown Boards Custom-02_v5 3.79 MB unknown Boards u-z_v5 1.53 MB unknown Boards-TR1-TR8_v5 1.14 MB unknown Custom mapboards (by WJS) for SL thru GI:AoV scenarios Instructions 7.22 MB 3.2.13+ Vol.01 of version 4 custom mapboards for SL thru GI:AoV and 'other' scenarios Instructions 6.31 MB 3.2.13+
Miscellaneous Module Files
North_Afrika-2015-01-07.pdf The "North Afrika" rules and Italian OB for basic SL/COI/COD/GIA 6.42 MB 2015-01-31 3.2.15+ TAHGC R218 Operation Switchback SSF and Instructions 1.42 MB unknown 3.2.13+
TAHGC-34-Climax at Nijmegen TAHGC 34 Climax at Nijmegen Bridge v5 Maps, SSF and Instructions 607 KB unknown 3.2.13+
TAHGC-Scenario-One If By Land-Two If By TAHGC Scenario One If By Land-Two If By Sea Instructions 652 KB 2009-09-20 3.2.13+ TAHGC Scenario 1000 Operation Marston Instructions 3.35 MB 2012-07-12 3.2.13+ TAHGC Scenario 2000 Operation Hubertus Instructions 2.92 MB 2012-07-11 3.2.13+ TAHGC Scenario R223 Night Drop Instructions 1.83 MB 2012-07-11 3.2.13+
Help and Version History Files
VSQL 4_1 Startup Survivors Guide.pdf A 'How To' Survivors Guide for easy set-up of VSQL 4. 1.22 MB unknown unknown Guide To Using Extensions in VSQL 4 2 KB unknown unknown
VSQL Icons for VSQL from Matthijs van der Zanden 70 KB unknown unknown
SQUAD LEADER SEQUENCE OF PLAY FOR EMAIL GAMES.pdf PBEM Sequence of Play 11 KB unknown unknown
VSQL-423-Version-History.pdf VSQL 4.2.3 Illustrated Version History 760 KB 2021-04-25 N/A

Module Information

Maintainer Bill Thomson, Scott Bramley; Version 3.2.17; Brent Easton; Version. 3.3
Contributors wga, abishai, dennisj, jyanek, swampwallaby, BiLLSoz, A long list of names itemized in the Version History

Community Resources



Avalon Hill's original SQUAD LEADER series is playable on VASSAL using the VSQL module and extensions. The module provides the complete game-set for SQUAD LEADER and CROSS OF IRON. The first extension provides the CRESCENDO OF DOOM and G.I.: ANVIL OF VICTORY game-sets. Additional extensions provide un-official nationalities and counters created by community members.

Boards must be unzipped and installed.

If you are looking for ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER, then the VASAL module is here.

Module Files

The current version of VSQL is 4.3.8. This release is not downward compatible with prior versions, therefore .vlog, .vsav and .SSF files are not interchangeable between the current and legacy modules.

Please post any issues you find on the Vassal forum, or forward them to Brent at b.easton @

Extension Files

  • Expansion module 1: VSQL4-CodGia Standard Version 9.2 (adds COD & GIA counters)
  • Expansion module 2: VSQL4-Coi-SS v2.1 (adds missing black SS SW, Ordnance and Vehicle counters)
  • Expansion module 3: VSQL4-Italians v3.1 (adds DTO)
  • Expansion module 4: VSQL4-Japanese v4.1e (adds PTO, plus Wild Bill Wilder's Blood & Sand module)
  • Expansion module 5: VSQL4-DYO v2.0 (adds optional rules for SL-GIA play, notably Commissars & Heat of Battle)

Scenario Start Files (SSF)

These Scenario Start Files are not maintained, and we don’t recommend their use. SSFs are not compatible between versions. Their counters, VC, SSRs may be incomplete or incorrect, players should proof to the scenario card.

A warning about Concealment counters in SSF. This counter assumes the password of the user placing it on the board, and VSQL sees that password as the ‘owner’ of the ‘?’ counter. If you place that ‘?’ counter on infantry units, VSQL now sees those units as the opposing player’s. You cannot remove or delete the ‘?’ counter, and the units beneath are concealed forever. Do not use these ‘?’ counters.

Likewise, changing your password will affect all .vsav, .vlog and .SSF files with placed ‘?’ counters.


The current version of the boards are 5SK. However, older versions are still in use and players should agree which to use. There are differences in colors, terrain shape and Line of Sight between versions. Board v5SK LOS may not function properly on Apple OS. LOS is determined by the rules, use judgement reading the checker.

Archive board version 5 download.

Running Two Versions of VASSAL

Players may want to install both the current and legacy versions of the SQUAD LEADER module. Then two versions of VASSAL must also be installed. When installing the second VASSAL, select Custom Install and do not uninstall the current version. Linux or Mac must rename the older VASSAL program at installation.

Additionally, the modules (.vmod) must have different names (For example, the current named ‘VSQL.vmod’ and the legacy named ‘VSQLv423.vmod’). Each module is added to its respective VASSAL and module preferences, boards, and extension are set independently.

The Seven Steps to SQUAD LEADER Joy

  1. Install VASSAL first. If installing an earlier version of VSQL, see ‘Legacy Files’ and ‘Running Two Versions’ of VASSAL.
  2. Download the most current VSQL.vmod, and place in a VSQL folder. Create subfolders ‘ext’ and ‘boards’.
  3. Download any extensions (optional) and place in ‘ext’ subfolder.
  4. Download the boards. These must be unzipped/extracted and placed in the ‘boards’ subfolder. Restart VSQL.
  5. Open VASSAL and add the module and extensions. Extensions are added by right-clicking the module.
  6. Open VSQL and set preferences in Personal and General tabs, including name, password, board directory, auto-report moves, and Center on opponent’s moves. Players with two monitors may uncheck the ‘combined application’ restart.
  7. Play. There is an active community game and you can find a game at the SQUAD LEADER Ladder site, Classic Squad Leader Group in Facebook, the Squad Leader Academy site or the SQUAD LEADER page on BGG.

VSQL Credits

VSQL was created by Jeff Thorpe, Dennis Jorgenson, Bill Thomson, and Jay Yanek, with additional on-going support provided by Brent Easton, Pete Pollard, and Bill Sosnicki.

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