Module:Squaring Circleville

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Squaring Circleville BC.jpg
Publisher Spielworxx Era Industrial
Year 2021 Topic Abstract Strategy
Players 2 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
SquaringCircleville v1.25.vmod Module 14.77 MB 2021-07-12 3.5.8


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Module Instructions

1. Almost all of the game tokens will be set up when you first start the module. One player should open the Equipment Tiles window and click on the toolbar button to draw the appropriate number of tiles for the number of players. Random tiles will then appear in this window. IMPORTANT: In a 2-player game, if Equipment tile #22 is drawn, draw a replacement and return tile #22 to the draw pile unused.

2. The players will need to select who goes first. Right-click on an Assistant meeple on the Courthouse Rondel. You can choose one to be 1st player. A symbol will be superimposed on that meeple, marking that player as the 1st player. To remove meeples for unused players (if playing 2-player or 3-player), right-click on the meeple and choose to return it to player mat. It will return to the stack of cubes on the player mat.

3. To flip over map tiles: Right-click on any Supervisor meeple and choose to "complete section." The module will activate the tile for the section where that meeple is located. To mark a section as being incomplete, just redo this procedure and the map tile will become invisible once again. (This was the most challenging part of the module design. Getting those tiles to all line up correctly and be scaled correctly was super challenging!)

4. Demolishing buildings: using the right-click function will send the building to the far-right of the track. I know it would be cool to have this all happen automatically, but it is far more complicated to implement than people realize. For now, users should just manually drag buildings to the left on the track like they would in the physical game.

5. Right-clicking on Supervisor will allow player to place a cube from his supply. Cube will appear on top of the Supervisor meeple. Player can then reposition the cube as needed.

6. Achievement tiles can be rotated to fit on the vertical spaces when they become available. Right-click to do this.

7. Year Bonus, Achievement, Equipment, and Action Tiles can be sent to player mats by right-clicking on the game piece. The game piece will appear in the middle of the player mat. Player can then reposition as needed.

8. Stacks of 4 Action Tiles can be drawn by using the toolbar button, "Draw 4."

9. Players will need to double-click on the Action Tile stacks before starting game. The stack will separate slightly for that user, allowing him to see what is underneath. IMPORTANT: Each player will need to do this on their own computer. VASSAL doesn't report when another player expands a collapsed stack. This is a software limitation.

Known bugs with version 1.x


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