From Vassal
Publisher Ion Game Design Era Future
Year 2023 Topic Science Fiction
Players 1 to 9 Scale Abstract
Length 90 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Stationfall.vmod module 135.42 MB 2023-12-06 3.7.4+ Ben Kyo


Some tweaks to the blackout visual effect to make it clear which section actions are unavailable.
Monsters report their moves properly, and have a much clearer Down image.
Broken airlocks lose their arrow to/from outer space.

Teams now defined as Team AB, corresponding to Players A and B, Team CD, etc. Kompromat is not sent to the team hand, but to individual private player hands. A separate team hand button toggles the Team hand, where the Team IDs are dealt.
Various tweaks and improvements to reporting.
Operative traps can now be easily picked up to view privately.

Stopped a rogue player minute marker showing up on 4 player team game setup.
Various tweaks and improvements to reporting.
Robot assassin targeting token returns to robot assassin instead of staying wherever you leave it.

Setup overhauled so that selecting the number of players now also selects a random selection of characters, which can be re-randomised or modified before setup.
Added a "renegotiate" command to influence cubes, which sends both the cube and the corresponding action token back to supply.

Right-clicking Kompromat in hand to send to board now sends to the appropriate character sheet, instead of the supply area.
Amended "or" to "and" on the Legal character card ability "Process Server".

Project X card peeking and flipping works properly now.

ID cards are now dealt out in setup.
ID deck draw button replaced by Hand button, old Hand button removed.


Something’s wrong. The Station crew are hustling here and there but no one is answering my questions. Does this have anything to do with that weird noise earlier? Or that weird comm I got last night? Is that robot looking at me funny? Hey, that guy is wearing a helmet; do I need a helmet!? A glance out the window confirms the whole Station is tumbling… that’s odd, but is it dangerous? If there was danger there’d be an alarm or something, right? And has the Earth always looked that... big?

Imagine a dozen or so random humans, robots, and none-of-the-aboves, each with their own Abilities, Agenda, and secret relationships, running wild on a space station because it is going to be incinerated in less than 15 minutes. You are one of them, and you have collaborators, forming a conspiracy together, ready to assist you in achieving your Agenda. And your conspirators may be allied with others on the station, without your knowledge, which may be problematic for you. There’s also definitely probably some sort of monstrous secret weapon project locked up on board, which may be problematic for everyone.

Stationfall is a box full of creative solutions, but that box is going to morph, twist, and grow teeth over the course of play. Your best turns will exploit the unique tactical freedom of utilizing your conspiracy to achieve your Secret Identity’s Agenda, as well as deductions about your opponents’ identities and Agendas. Stationfall is messy, intricate, and full of dangerous variables.

Good luck!


  • User-friendly interface, designed for players new to Vassal.
  • Fully automated setup, allowing for any combination of players, teams, bots, colours, and characters.
  • Various tools and reports to help ensure that everyone is playing correctly, without the need to reveal hidden information.
  • Support for forum play, even with moderator participation.

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  • Ben Kyo