Module:Stone's River

From Vassal
Publisher Our Civil War Era Gunpowder
Year 2013 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Stones_River_43.vmod Module 72.6 MB 12-Apr-16 3.2.16
Dec31_Setup.vsav Game 53 KB 12-Apr-16 3.2.16
EZ-Stones-River.vmod Module 65.32 MB 12-Apr-16 3.2.16
EZDec31.vsav Game 28 KB 12-Apr-16 3.2.16
The Battle Opens.vmod Module 7.88 MB 12-Apr-16 3.2.16
The Battle Opens.vsav Game 7 KB 12-Apr-16 3.2.16
Baldwins Defense.vmod Module "Baldwins Defense.vmod" does not exist 12-Apr-16 3.2.16
Baldwins Defense.vsav Game "Baldwins Defense.vsav" does not exist 12-Apr-16 3.2.16

Module Information

Maintainer Greg
Contributors Jack, Mike, Peter, Jim


The battle of Stone’s River/Murfreesboro – December 31, 1862. The ‘EZ’ (2.2) version is the Avalon Hill/SPI/S&T style version of the game. The 4.3 version is the full version of the game using our ACW rules.

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