Module:Stonewall Jackson's Way II

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SJW2 box.jpg
Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era Gunpowder
Year 2013 Topic American Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale operational
Length variable Series Great Campaigns of the American Civil War Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
SJW_3_09.vmod Module 74.18 MB 2023-10-08 3.5.3 Alberto Romero
AGA_3_06.vmod Module 79.34 MB 2023-09-05 3.5.3 Alberto Romero
SJW2_1-1-5a.vmod Module 23.72 MB 2018-11-24 3.2.17 Rob Doane
SJW2_1-1-5.vmod Module 23.25 MB 2018-11-24 3.2.17 Rob Doane
SJW2_1-1-4.vmod Module 23.25 MB 2018-05-02 3.2.17 Rob Doane
Stonewall_Jacksons_Way_II_v1.1.3.vmod Module 23.51 MB 2018-04-13 3.2.17 Rob Doane


Most commonly used markers including fatigue, entrenchments, and manpower markers are added through the right-click menu on individual units. You will not find them in the Game Pieces window and they cannot be dragged on to the map. This is intentional so that the automatic recovery function will work!

Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to use the module:

You can also find instructions by clicking on "How to use the SJW2 module" under the Help menu.

Versions 'a'

The versions 'a' is identical to the normal version, but the fatigue is located below the unit that generates it. This leaves the unit which it belongs visible.

In addition, the commands to increase and decrease fatigue are different from those used by the MP tabs. This can avoid mistakes by accidentally modifying one or the other.

Do not download this version if you do not consider that these modifications are convenient in your game. If you observe some bug, please report to

Versions '3.xx'

The versions '3.xx' include the All-in-One tokens for an easy management of the units.

Read the manual in Help section for learn how the module works.

If you observe some bug, please report to

SJW 3.01 > Sykes' Sc#9 recovery function fix.

SJW 3.02 > Scenario #8 and #9 Reinforcements adjust and Recovery function fix.

AGA 3.01 > Set Up Sc#7 and Sc#7s Revised.

SJW 3.03 > Some markers added.

SJW 3.06 > Revissed entrenchments in recovery process on Demoralizated units. New button size.

SJW 3.09 > Revised and fix CSA Entrenchements malfunction.

AGA 3.03 > Revissed entrenchments in recovery process on Demoralizated units. New button size.

AGA 3.05 > Revissed entrenchments in recovery process. there was a fatal error that avoid entrenche automatic.

AGA 3.06 > Revised Scenario #3.

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