Module:Strafexpedition 1916

From Vassal
Publisher Europa Simulazioni Era WWI
Year 2011 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 2 to 4 Scale operational
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Strafexpedition_1_10.vmod module 35.24 MB 2015-10-11 unknown
Strafexpedition_1_08.vmod module 31.83 MB 2017-01-31 unknown

Module Information

Maintainer Peter Dietrich
Contributors Pierre Miranda


This Module was approved by Nicola Contardi of Europa Simulazione, 2012.

vers 1.02: corrected wrong frontside of AH XX AK Hvy Art; added Solo-Player (Thanks to Mike Bowen for both).

vers 1.03: Three missing units added. (Thanks to Tomas Reixach)

vers 1.04: adding Campaign Map including Valsugana Extension

vers 1.05: adding Turn Marker. (Thanks to Tomas Reixach)

vers 1.06: Corrected some oversized Marker-Counter. Added Logistic-Track markers for Valsugana

vers 1.10: Eliminated sides. Reorganized counters. Replaced disorganization counters with text label. Added assault arrow counter.

vers 1.08: Corrected misfunctioning Player-Roles. Added Campaign SetUp. Added Reinforcement Charts. Reorganized Counter Trays.

Screen Shots


  • Rick Galli
  • Pierre Miranda