Module:Strategy of War

From Vassal
Publisher Fadescape Studios Era Modern Warfare
Year 2013 Topic Collectible Components
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 30-45


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StrategyOfWar-1.2.vmod 13.3 MB 2013-06-05 3.2.6

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Posted with permission from Fadescape Studios.

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Strategy of War is a turn-based card game that pits players against one another in pursuit of victory on the field of battle.

You command the forces of Aircraft, Infantry, Warship, Armor, and Politics as a military force of destruction.

You can use each of these divisions independently or combine them to create a formidable military force. You’ll have many assets at your disposal, including Units, Leaders, Attachments, and other tactics. You build a customized deck of 50 cards that utilize the powers of force and diplomacy all in an attempt to be the final Commander on the battlefield.

Strategy of War is not a CCG! Everything you need to play is in the box.

This module contains the Print&Play decks available for download from the Strategy of War website. These decks allow you to experience the Strategy of War game.

Strategy of War can be played with 2 or more players, but this module currently only support 2 player games.

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