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Publisher Academy Games Era Between Wars
Year 2011 Topic Polish-Soviet War
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length 150 mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Strike of the Eagle v1.0.vmod module 32.49 MB 2012-5-31 3.18
Strike_of_the_Eagle_v1_1.vmod module 33.4 MB 2018-9-23 3.2.17
Strike_of_the_Eagle_v1_2.vmod module 34.23 MB 2019-5-18 3.2.17
Strike_of_the_Eagle_v1_3.vmod module 34.27 MB 2020-5-21 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Tim Porter , Basem , Tom Swider
Contributors Tim Porter, Basem, Tom Swider


Update May 31, 2012

Version 1.0 is uploaded and should be fully functional with the exception of 4-Player option. Will get that done in the coming weeks.

For any comments or suggestions, please drop me a line.

NOTE (Jan 2013): If you're having issues (one players can't see their own blocks), make sure both players are using latest vassal version


Update September 23, 2018 (v1.1) Updates include:

  • (1) mapping all spaces so that their names appear in log statements
  • (2) windows and shortcuts to support four players
  • (3) tray for orders
  • (4) imposed counter mix limits
  • (5) update to button graphics so they are a little smaller and more likely to fit on a single line
  • (6) table for tracking sequence of play and reminder of who does what first
  • (7) modified card text based upon publisher's errata
  • (8) increased relative size of map to pieces so it's easier to manipulate blocks and place them on roads approaching cities
  • (9) added button for notes (I think that wasn't in the original module; not sure)
  • (10) Block menu to mark units that used forced march movement. I can address issues with this version of the module.

Tom Swider

Update May 5, 2019 (v1.2) Updates include:

  • – Added chart window for combat results and modifiers
  • - Zoom values updated to be more flexible
  • - Updated sequence of play (clarifications)
  • - Updated space name reporting to include grid coordinate (e.g A1 through K8)
  • - Correction to Scenario 4 setup
  • - Added button to return orders to players and delete order reminders from map
  • - Corrected bug that created duplicate order reminders when adding via unit right click
  • - Added block option to add a Pinned reminder (arrows increase/decrease the number)
  • - Button to clean up order reminders and return orders to each player's order tray.

Tom Swider

Update May 21, 2020 (v1.3) Updates include:

  • – Added this history list file
  • - Report when a block gains or loses a step.
  • - Update sequence of play (added Reinforcement Phase steps)
  • - Modified module tips file to include note regard reinforcement cube usage
  • - Moved Card Deck button next to Combat Chart
  • - Allow for 3 or 4 player usage. The sides Polish and Soviet should be used when a nation is played by a single player. Use Polish North/South and Soviet North/South when there are two players for a nation.
  • - Updated the orders trays so that each nation has 2 reorg orders instead of one (as per v2 of the rules)

Tom Swider

Strike of the Eagle is the first game in the Fog of War series of block games to be published by Academy Games.

The year is 1920. World War I has ended, but the battle for Europe has just begun. The Soviet leaders, Lenin and Trotsky, plan to spread the workers’ revolution by blasting through Poland in order to support the growing communist movements in Germany, France and Britain. Only the armies of Poland stand in the way of the Bolshevik tide. Therefore, these armies invade the Soviet Republics.

Strike of the Eagle is an operational level block game that allows the player to experience the tension of the Polish-Soviet War of 1920. This mobile war featured a return of sweeping cavalry attacks combined with new weaponry innovations such as planes, tanks and armored cars.

The heart of the Fog of War series lies in players placing secret orders on the map to bluff, mislead and outplay their opponents! The composition of each player’s wooden block armies remain hidden from their opponent until they are engaged in battle. Combat is resolved without dice, maximizing skillful play! Action cards are pivotal to the game in that they allow players to either modify how many orders they may issue, add army reinforcements or modify a battle’s resolution.

Strike of the Eagle includes several scenarios for 2-4 players. Some are short games that can be played in an hour, up to the full campaign that can last several hours.

Strike of the Eagle is based on The Eagle and The Star. The English edition has been totally reworked from the ground up with an expanded mounted map, new cards, streamlined rules, new army and leader blocks, new scenario setup rules and additional scenarios.

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  • Tim Porter
  • Kevin Rohrer
  • Basem
  • Tom Swider
  • Pierre Miranda