From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1976 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Submarine_v1.3.vmod Module 10.63 MB 2014-02-18 3.2.10 Bhekking tenspeed
Submarine_v1.2.vmod Module 12.93 MB 2013-05-07 3.2.4 Bhekking
Submarine.vmod Module 13.33 MB 2007-04-14 2.9.9 or lower E


Submarine v1.3

  • Added three new maps (D, E, F), and made all maps taller. Also, you can select and arrange maps as you like, providing a virtually limitless play area.
  • Totally redesigned charts and logs. Added two columns to the Convoy Log.
  • All vessel types now have DYO versions.
  • Added DYO ML/MTB vessels (and charts) from “War in the Shallow Seas” expansion.
  • Added a DYO aircraft counter for each nation (used in some expansions). Note that it leaves a "wake" due to a global map setting.
  • Added speed to Capital ships.

Submarine v1.2

  • All-new maps and counter graphics. Also, counters are now created by the game engine (not image files), so they're easy to modify and extend
  • Do-your-own Capital ships in national colors
  • Added map image capture tool
  • Fixed a bunch of marker placement issues and bugs
  • See in-game help for more details

Submarine v0.96*

(* All my initial releases start at v0.95 as an ode to Murphy's Law)

  • Upgraded Submarine Log's text(-only) fields to "Click 'n Type" (versus old "select, hit ENTER, then type"). The upgrade does not affect any fields with the ability to be blacked out or crossed out.

Version 0.95

  • Initial Release.

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