Module:Super Dungeon Explore

From Vassal
Publisher Soda Pop Miniatures Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Exploration
Players 2 to 6 Scale Miniatures
Length 120 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
2.0.1 - Base + Roxor
Super_Dungeon_Explore_v2.0.1.vmod Module 30.2 MB 2013-04-20 3.2.4 Noki
1.1.2 RELEASE - No Dice Window
Super_Dungeon_Explore_v1.1.2.vmod Module 19.65 MB 2012-06-20 3.1 Tuxhedoh Zhavier
Super_Dungeon_Explore_v1.1.1.vmod Module 19.65 MB 2012-04-05 3.1 Paul (Haree78) GeckoTH, Zhavier
Super_Dungeon_Explore_v1.0.vmod Module 15.96 MB 2012-04-04 3.1 Zhavier
0.8 BETA
Super_Dungeon_Explore_v0.8.vmod Module 15.88 MB 2012-01-24 3.1 Zhavier


Adventure awaits in Super Dungeon Explore! Battle through perilous dungeons, fight hordes of monsters and collect loot with your own customizable adventure party of brave Heroes! Or take the roll of the dungeon's Dark Consul and unleash hordes of evil minions and other monstrous denizens to turn meddlesome Heroes into your dungeon's newest permanent residents.

Version 1.1.2 is the same as Version 1.1.1, though it disables the popup die results when rolling the dice. It still displays the result the log window.

Version 2.0.1 is a significantly modded version of the previous ones. It also includes the Caverns of Roxor Expansion.

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  • Zhavier
  • Master_GM