Module:Swords & Sorcery: Quest and Conquest in the Age of Magic

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era Fantasy
Year 1978 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 7 Scale Operational
Length 180


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Swords And Sorcery v1.1.vmod Module 21.76 MB 2021-03-19
Swords_And_Sorcery_v1.2.vmod Module 25.8 MB 2024-03-17 VASSAL 3.7.9+

Module Information

Maintainer Steven K. Mariner
Contributors Numerous


From the William Hay collection

Swords & Sorcery, (c) Copyright 1978, 2024 by Greg Costikyan. All rights reserved. Users are free to copy or distribute this VASSAL implementation of the game for non-commercial uses only. No for-fee or other commercial distribution is permitted without the specific permission of the copyright owner.

This notice must accompany all versions of this game at all times.

NOTE: Users of virtual game aids for Swords & Sorcery have traditionally been requested (but not required) to email Greg with the subject line "Swords & Sorcery," so they can be alerted when/if a print or other commercial version of the game is published in future. As of 20-Mar-2024, however, I have not confirmed if Greg actually wants his most recent E-mail address so widely broadcast, and will not release his private information without permission. In lieu of direct contact, I volunteer to forward such E-Mail to Greg until such time as this is resolved.
- Steven K. Mariner <>

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