Module:Talisman (3rd Edition)

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Publisher Games Workshop Ltd. Era unknown
Year 1994 Topic unknown
Players 2 to 8 Scale unknown
Length Medium


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Module Information

Maintainer christf1982
Contributors christf1982


This is one of the Greatest Fantasy Board Game ever created. This contain Talisman 3rd Edition with all its Expansions.

If you would like to see a module of this game made available please contact the Copyright Holder(s) to change their policy


  • This module have the main Talisman 3rd Game with all its expansions.
  • The core rules of Talisman 3rd Edition and Expansions rules are available to learn game basics.
    • At the start of each game you can choose whenever or not you want to use the expansions.
  • There are Player Sides so people that are not playing the game can access the game components.
    • Each Player have their inventory to place their stuff in them.
    • A Timezone World Map so people can know what is the difference of time between each player in the game if they want to set a time to play.
    • Notes section to write down important stuff about the game like who cast a spell at who and particularly handy when it come to play by email.
    • There is a Turn Tracker that will keep track of each turn played by players.
    • Cards can be easily readable anywhere with the Mouse-over Stack Viewer.
    • Board can be easily readable with the Zoom capability of this module.
    • Whenever a player roll dices, they will show exactly the number that player is supposed to get both on the dice button and in the chat window.
    • Almost every action of each player are reported in the chat window.
    • A clearly visible movement trail will show the path to where players moved their characters on the board.
    • Spells can stay face down and players can quickly turn them over with clicking on them once so others wont see them.
    • There are advanced special commands to control most of the game pieces and cards easier.


  • NETWORK BUTTON: This button will Show/Hide the server controls panel.
  • RETIRE BUTTON: This button will be used when a player want to retire from a game. He can becomes an observer, change position or leave.
  • 1D6: This button will roll one 6 sided dice.
  • 2D6: This is for rolling two 6 sided dices.
  • REALM DICE: This special Realm Dice is for movement into the realms.
  • GAME PIECES: That will show every game piece of the game.
  • CHARACTER CARDS: This is the deck of cards where you can draw new characters cards at start of the game or after your character is killed.
  • SPELL CARDS: This is where you draw new spells.
  • TOAD CARDS: This is where you draw a card whenever you become a toad.
  • SPECIAL CARDS: This is the deck for special titles you can earn in the City Realm.
  • PURCHASE CARDS: This deck is for when you buy objects from any in-game store.
  • TALISMAN CARDS: This deck is for when you find a Talisman.
  • DUNGEON CARDS: This is where you draw cards when you go in the Dungeon Realm.
  • MOUNTAIN CARDS: This is where you draw cards when you venture into the Mountain Realm.
  • CITY CARDS: This deck is to draw cards when you are in the City Realm.
  • FOREST CARDS: You draw cards from there whenever you are in the Forest Realm.
  • TOWER CARDS (NO EXPANSIONS): This deck is for whenever you venture into the Dragon's Tower when you play without expansions.
  • TOWER CARDS (WITH EXPANSIONS): This deck is for whenever you venture into the Dragon's Tower when you play with expansions.
  • PLAYERS INVENTORIES: These buttons are linked to special inventory spaces where the players can place their gaming pieces inside.
  • TIMEZONE WORLD MAP: This button will help players to set which time they will play the game with each others.
  • NOTES: This button is useful to take important notes in-game. You can write a personal notice for yourself (aka private note), write a public note so everyone * can see it or make a delayed note so everyone can see it when its author decide to reveal it.
  • TURN TRACKER: This button will be useful for players to track their turns.
  • SAVE MAP AS AN PNG FILE: This button will save the map in the PNG format.
  • SHOW/HIDE OVERVIEW WINDOW: This button will make appear a smaller version of the map so players can easily navigate from one point to another on the big map.
  • HIDE ALL PIECES ON THE MAP: This button is used to hide all game components on map so players can easily read it.
  • ZOOM IN/OUT: The first button is to zoom in and the second is to zoom out of a board window.
    • MARK ALL PIECES ON THIS MAP AS UNMOVED: This will be used to clear the movement trails whenever a player move is accepted by others.

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