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Tenkatoitsu Cover.png
Publisher Hexasim Era Medieval
Year 2016 Topic Japan
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Tenkatoitsu-Module-Instructions.pdf help file 697 KB 3.2.17
Read_Me_Sekigahara.pdf help file 4.59 MB 3.2.17
Lisez_Moi_Sekigahara.pdf help file 4.59 MB 3.2.17
Tenkatoitsu-Sekigahara-1.2.vmod module 7.3 MB 2021/02/09 3.5.0
Tenkatoitsu-Nagakute-1.1.vmod module 6.15 MB 3.2.17
Tenkatoitsu-Yamazaki-1.1.vmod module 8.37 MB 3.2.17
Tenkatoitsu-Sekigahara-1.1.vmod module 7.3 MB 3.4.12
Tenkatoitsu-Nagakute-1.0.vmod module 6.15 MB 3.2.17
Tenkatoitsu-Sekigahara-1.0.vmod module 7.3 MB 3.4.11
final stages
Tenkatoitsu-Yamazaki-0.9.vmod module 8.37 MB 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Matthias Jahr
Contributors Matthias Jahr
Maintainer Jean-Francois Martaille
Contributors Jean-Francois Martaille


There will be one module for each of the three scenarios. The modules for Nagakute and Yamazaki are ready, Sekigahara will follow shortly.

The modules are easy to grasp, but if you are interested to learn which funcionalities are built in and why, please see the "Tenkatoitsu-Module-Instructions.pdf" document.

If there is something missing from the module, not working properly or if you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to send a message, either per EMail or over at BGG.

The player aid with the CRT is not included.

Changes Version 1.1:

  • added some missing pictures for the activation display
  • removed links to old images, which caused some errors to pop up
  • activation display in Yamazaki modules now shows correct drawn clans
  • draw new chit in Yamazaki module now correctly resets colors and status markers
  • numerous small changes and fixes in Yamazaki module
  • Yamazaki module is now finished

Sekigahara is ready now. You can find all the features of the other battles of the module. Pledges are now integrated at the top of the turn track. Betrayal is located in a unit sub menu.

Sekigahara 1.1 fixed an issue with the reset move function.

Changes Version 1.2 Sekigahara

  • Fixed an issue with message when drawing Diplo Chits
  • Victory Level is now Updated automatically

Screen Shots


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