Module:The Battle of Monmouth (1982)

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Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era 18th Century
Year 1982 Topic American Revolutionary War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 180 mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
The Battle of Monmouth v1.50.vmod module 13.15 MB 2023-12-25 3.7.6
The Battle of Monmouth v1.02.vmod module 7.45 MB 2021-03-08 3.2.15
The Battle of Monmouth v1.0.vmod module 12.74 MB 2016-04-23 3.2.15
Monmouth S&T 90.vmod module 9.56 MB 2021-06-09 3.4.8

Module Information

Maintainer Stiglr (Other modules by Stiglr)
Contributors StiglrPhillip Weltsch


  • v1.50: (Re)places reinforcements on the Turn Record Track on the map. Updates to 3.7.x Vassal software
  • Pre-sets for all three scenarios: Hedgerow, Monmouth Courthouse and The Battle of Monmouth
  • Includes a Quick Reference sheet to encapsulate the most important rules concepts
  • Leaders and Units can be given a visual indicator of being Activated (toggle)
  • Markers include a Volley Progress piece that can be placed behind units as players perform their fire sequence from one flank of their forces to the other
  • Losses can be annotated directly on the units, or the SP markers can be used under the counters
  • Leaders can toggle on/off a tinted "area affect" showing their [non-reduced] command radii

Monmouth S&T 90 Version features redrawn map and counters.

Screen Shots


  • Stiglr Phillip Weltsch