Module:The Campaign for North Africa: The Desert War 1940-43

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1978 Topic North Africa
Players 2 to 8 Scale Operational
Length Very Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
CNA.vmod 95.41 MB 2021-012-23 VASSAL 3.6+
Campaign_for_North_Africa_v0.94.vmod module 79.83 MB 2020-04-07 VASSAL 3.2.17
Operation Brevity scenario files
Operation_Brevity_set-upv0.93.vsav setup file 46 KB 2020-04-03 CNA v0.93+
CNA_Operation_Brevity.pdf Scenario card 12 KB 2020-04-03 CNA v0.93+

Module Information

Maintainer vfttpete (v0.94 ONLY)
Contributors Mitch Guthrie/ScoittishHoarde


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CHANGELOG v.1 22 Dec 2021

Fixed map to correct aspect ratio, updated counters to .svg files. Some additional markers are provided as well.

v0.91 03 Apr 2020

Fixed bug where could not right click to return Italian 185 Folgore units to Organisation Chart

Fixed bug where Italian San Giorgio naval unit did not set up in correct location

Fixed bug where Allied naval units did not set up in correct location

Added German KG unit with no unit name

Added blank labels to the Markers panel

v0.92 04 Apr 2020

Fixed issue with some Italian units not showing on the Torbuk and Unassigned Unit Units Organisation Charts

Bevel effect added to counters (thanks to John Edwards for this)

v0.93 05 Apr 2020

Replaced the map with a copy of the actual CNA map

v0.94 06 Apr 2020

Added escarpment hexside to D2228/2328 as per Sept 79 addenda

Corrected counters as per Land rules p45 and 46 (note that the module has had the Commonwealth markers from sheet 9 in red on white rather than black on white, to match the Commonwealth markers from sheets 5, 6 and 8, since version v0.4)

Incorporated errata from the Sept 79 addenda into the relevant charts and tables

Added an 'Incorporated Errata' item to the Help menu

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