Module:The Dark Sands

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2018 Topic North Africa
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length 120


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
the_dark_sands.vmod module 40.76 MB 02/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands0.2.vmod module 40.97 MB 03/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands0.4.vmod module 13.02 MB 05/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands0.5.vmod module 13.04 MB 10/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands0.8.vmod module 25.13 MB 10/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands0.9.vmod module 25.13 MB 10/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands1.0.vmod module 25.15 MB 10/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands1.1.vmod module 25.16 MB 10/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands1.2.vmod module 25.04 MB 10/02/2019 3.2.17
the_dark_sands1.3.vmod module 25.17 MB 10/02/2019 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Cedric Cordenier
Contributors Darren Kilfara



- version 0.4 adds the ability to upgrade units globally using the "Upgrades" option in the toolbar. The module has also been thinned down with old assets removed.

- version 0.5 adds the ability to hide all units on the map (to make it easier to determine underlying terrain), to send units to their replacement/reinforcement location, as well as adds support for the Sunflower scenario.

- version 0.8 incorporates the final art map and adds a notes window, and the charts from the player aid cards. Unfortunately, by changing the map, the pre-defined setups had to be changed, so only Compass is supported on this version.

- version 0.9 changes the hide functionality so that it doesn't take forever to hide the units. It also corrects the Compass pre-defined setup's placement of the Railhead marker, which was previously in the railway completed box, but should have started in Mersa Matruh.

- version 1.0 fixes a bug where you could not select the Axis in the Compass scenario. It also adds the Sunflower and Crusader Scenarios.

- version 1.1 fixes a bug with the set-up of the Crusader scenario which misplaced the 9Ber Regiment. It also adds the Gazala Scenario.

- version 1.2 automates setting up the action chit cup by adding a toolbar dropdown headed "Action Chits". It also incorporates the counter errata by renaming the affected units.

- version 1.3 adds the counter art for the errata'd counters, and moves the Axis/Commonwealth Assets and Rebuildable Units boxes to a separate map window for easier access. Thanks to Darren Kilfara for doing the counter art!