Module:The Drive on Metz, 1944

From Vassal
Publisher William Morrow Era WWII
Year 1980 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Short


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Second edition (VPG)
metzv1.vmod Module 1.15 MB 2010-07-04 3.0.17 Davout
First edition
DriveOnMetz-1.0-ch.vmod Module 2.46 MB 2023-07-31 3.6+ Christian Holm Christensen


Period WWII
Theatre Western front
Level Operational
Hex scale 4 km (2.5 miles)
Unit scale Regiment (lll)
Turn scale 1 day
# turns 7
Unit density low
Complexity 1 of 10
Solitaire 9 of 10

This is an implementation of the introductory game The Drive on Metz (and second edition).

The game simulates Lieutenant General Patton's attempt to capture the fortified city of Metz in late 1944, and there by possibly move quickly towards the Rhine and ultimately Berlin.

The game was first published in 1980 in the book The Complete Wargamers Handbook by James F. Dunnigan. In that book, Dunnigan uses the game as an example of how to design a hex'n'counter wargame. Later, in 2008, a second edition was published by Victory Point Games (VPG).

The two editions are identical, except the following changes in the second edition

  • A few map changes
    • Hex 0707 as not fortified, but hex 0706 is
    • Hex 0707 as not connected to 0708 via road, but instead connects directly to 0607.
    • There is no road leading off-map in 0906, but there is one in 0902.
  • Additional optional rules
    • US 90/359 IREGT arrive on turn 4.
    • One, max two, randomly determined, improved German units (+1 to CF).
  • Different victory point allotments
    • US Faction
      • 1 VP per unit starting its turn east of Moselle
      • 5 VP for control of Thionville (0701)
      • 20 VP for control of Metz (0807)
      • 5 VP for each unit exitting over East edge
      • Optionally, variable VPs for each improved German unit.
    • German Faction
      • 10 VP for each unit exitting over west edge
      • (8-turn) VP for each panzergrenadier unit exitting over east or south edge. The exact number of VPs depend on the turn on which the unit exits the map
      • 1 VP at end of German combat phase if no US units east of Moselle.
      • 1 VP per US CF eliminated.
      • Optionally, 5 VP if the US 101/502 ABIREGT unit enters the map.
      • Optionally, 3 VP if the US 90/359 IREGT unit enters the map.

There are two version of this module

  • One corresponding to the second edition
  • One corresponding to the first, original, edition

Second edition

This module uses the graphics from the VPG version of the game. Courtesy VP Games.

First edition

This module is based on a Print'n'Play version of the original game. This module features

  • Includes the rules in the Help menu
  • Automatic battle markers
  • Automatic combat differential calculations
  • Automatic battle resolution
  • Automatic victory point calculations
  • Optional rules
  • Symbolic dice
  • Tutorial (based on the play-through in Chapter 1 of The Complete Wargamers Handbook)

See also the More information entry in the Help menu after loading this module into VASSAL.

The Print'n'Play version is available from GitLab and BoardGameGeek. At the GitLab site you will also find

  • The (LaTeX) sources of the Print'n'Play version
  • The (LaTeX & Python) sources of the VASSAL module
  • The most up-to-date Print'n'Play PDF
    • Including various print (A4 & Letter, booklets) options
  • The most up-to-date VASSAL module



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